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Edwin Faust
The Media: Messenger of Truth, or Servant of Power


Michal Semin
The Rosary - Our Last Hope


Bishop Lukanima
Swords into Ploughshares


Bishop Khoarai
Our Lady Requests RUSSIA's Consecration


Michael Matt
Listen to Your Mother: Why does Rome Fiddle While the World Burns?


John Salza
Freemasonry, Vatican II and 1960


Father Patrick Perez
Promoting Fatima: The Essential Role of the Catholic Priests


Father Paul Kramer
The Third Secret Explains What is the Mystery of Iniquity in Our Time


Coralie Graham
Welcome To Consecration Now! 2011


Cornelia Ferreira
The Godless UN, False Solution to World Peace

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The Consecration Now! Conference is scheduled for May 2011 it is our latest International Fatima Conference to be held in Rome.

pictures-fatimachallengeThis new event is designed to build on the momentum of the historic Fatima Challenge we held in Rome last year.


Like the persistent neighbor in Our Lord's parable who keeps knocking at midnight until his request is fulfilled (Luke 11:5-8), our duty at the Fatima Center is to keep knocking, keep reminding, keep insisting that the one and only one way to world peace is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is truly the midnight of our civilization and Our Blessed Mother offers the only hope to deliver us from the ever-increasing darkness.

Our Lady of Fatima solemnly assures us that if this Consecration is properly performed, Russia will be converted to the Catholic Faith, and a period of peace will be granted to the whole world. No other solution will do.

Today there is incessant war, ever-increasing sin, and nothing but false solutions proposed for world peace.


Author: The Culture of Murder has replaced the Culture of Death

“The right to die has become the duty to die,” author John Vennari told the Consecration Now Fatima conference in Rome on Tuesday.

Mr. Vennari, editor of the monthly journal Catholic Family News, cited evidence from several countries in support of his argument that the state is increasingly taking decisions of life and death away from individuals and leaving them with doctors and bureaucrats.  In the Netherlands, 15,000 of the 25,000 assisted suicides in 1999 were performed without the consent of the patient.  China, Rwanda and many other states have programs that promote contraception, abortion and mass sterilization.  School children in the United Kingdom are being shown videos promoting assisted suicide as an act of compassion. State healthcare bills, such as that of President Obama in the United States, weigh the cost of keeping people alive against the arbitrary “quality of life” standard.

Mr. Vennari attributed the growing “culture of murder” to the gradual substitution of naturalism for Catholic dogma by enemies of the Church.


Analyst: No Possible Human Solution to World Economic Crisis

The economic crisis that has engulfed the World since 2007 is so dire that no human solution to it is now possible, Asia-News analyst Maurizio D’Orlando told the Consecration Now conference late Monday.  He compared the crisis, the beginning of which he traced to the 1980s, to a snowball that begins to roll down a high mountain:  “Over time, it becomes bigger and bigger until it is too large to be stopped,” he said.  D’Orlando predicted that rising public debt coupled with the paralysis of world governments will result in depression, hyperinflation, anarchy, and eventually authoritarianism in response to those conditions.  Only Divine intervention as a result of the Consecration of Russia by the Pope to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can save the world from such a fate, he concluded.


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